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The Cult of Dionysis is a 100% underground DIY metal band with no sponsorships, management, label support, or corporate contributions of any kind. The members of this band sacrifice their own blood, sweat, tears, time, and money to make metal music. YOU can make a difference by contributing your hard earned dollars to the cause. Donations of any amount will be placed into a "Metalcult Charity Fund" which will be used to help pay for the costs to maintain the band such as travel, equipment, and production for cd, dvd, comic book, screenprinting, or other band product ventures. MAKE A SACRIFICE AND JOIN THE METALCULT!


Click on an album cover to explore music created by CULT OF DIONYSIS:

CCCXXXIII by Cult of Dionysis
Alchemy by Cult of Dionysis
Alchemy 2011
Behind The Mask by Cult of Dionysis
Behind The Mask 2012
Transfiguration by Cult of Dionysis
Transfiguration 2014