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NEW 2014 release by the METALCULT!

Alchemy by Cult of Dionysis
Cover by Jackie Newman
Cult of Dionysis "Transfiguration" CD released 2014 on Metalcult Entertainment.
Created by the following lineup:
Dionysis - Drums/Vocals
James Huff - Bass/Lead Vocals
Heath Hash - Guitars
Scott Mays - Guitars
Music by Dionysis, James Huff, Heath Hash, Scott Mays
Lyrics by James Huff, Dionysis
Produced by Derrick Acker and Cult of Dionysis
Featuring the following tracks:
1. Demise
2. Reign of The Flame
3. Beyond The Fractured Fable
4. A Certain Kind of Pain
5. Gravity & Destiny
6. Utopia
Music and lyrics copyright Cult of Dionysis
Digital = $5
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